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Fort Worth real estate broker and former TV and newspaper reporter Tracey Smith is announcing his entry into the race for former Speaker Jim Wright’s congressional seat.

“The American people spoke in November, 2006, that they want to end the war in Iraq and the new Democratic congressional majority has tried to do that only to be rebuffed by President Bush and the Republicans in Congress,” Smith said. “It’s time to let the Iraqis learn how to get along and run their own country. The war is over. We won. We should bring some of our soldiers home and send others to Afghanistan to finish the war there. A vote to continue the war in Iraq is a vote to kill two soldiers per day. Meanwhile, we have ignored Afghanistan and the Taliban is regaining footholds there. It is the same as if the Nazis had returned to power in some areas of Germany three years after World War II ended.”

Smith also blasted congressional Republicans for supporting President Bush to kill the SCHIP program, denying health insurance coverage to an additional 700,000 children.

“The United States is the only nation in the industrialized world that does not have a national health insurance program. We do not need the government running an insurance company but we must make it possible for people to have coverage at least for their children,” Smith said.

Smith said the Republican Party has become the protector of the “haves” against the “have nots”. Not only has it tried to prevent health care for needy children but the Republican-controlled government since 2001 has caused our national deficit to explode with an enormous increase in government expenditures and unnecessary tax cuts.

Smith worked as a reporter for The Dallas Times Herald in the early 1970’s and for KDFW-TV, Channel 4, as a Fort Worth reporter in the late 70’s. He is running for the congressional seat now held by Republican Kay Granger. The district includes northern and western Tarrant County and all of Parker and Wise counties.

Smith announced his candidacy to the public on Jan. 9 in Weatherford in front of his grandparents’ former home at 1501 S. Main St. and in Fort Worth at the Heights Boulevard Transition Center, 5100 El Campo Ave. (formerly Arlington Heights Elementary School) where he started first grade in 1954.