On a January 3rd radio interview country music singer Merle Haggard digressed from talking about his new bluegrass recording to his views about the state of our nation:

“Financially, we’re broke. No one has confidence in the man in charge. We’re torturing people. We’re not known to be that kind of people. People all over the world look up to us and we’re not setting a very good example.”

This is why it is important to elect more Democrats. Voters are disgusted with the Republican government they have voted for. The Bush Administration in its first six years increased the national deficit by more than the 42 previous presidents combined with approval of a GOP-controlled Congress.

The war in Iraq has achieved every military and political goal—Saddam Hussein is dead, the country has elected a President, a Congress and has adopted a Constitution. The war is over. We won. It is time for the Iraqis to learn to get along and run their own country. We cannot hold their hands forever. Meanwhile, the original enemy, the Taliban, has regained power in some parts of Afghanistan. That war has been ignored and we should send enough soldiers there to finish the job.

The Republican Party and President Bush have refused to admit that man is responsible for Global Warming.

As a Democratic congressman I pledge to work with members of both parties to:

  • Defend our country
  • Grow the economy so our children can have a more prosperous future with health care and education
  • Protect the planet
  • Restore accountability
  • Bring our troops home and keep our commitment to America’s veterans
  • Encourage research for new energy sources to help us achieve energy independence.


The United States is the only nation in the industrialized world that does not have a national health insurance program.  We do not need the government running an insurance company.  But we should make it possible for citizens to have medical coverage for their children.

It is unthinkable that congressional Republicans and President Bush opposed the SCHIP bill in 2007 which is a federally-funded state program supported by most governors of both parties.  The GOP’s opposition denied health insurance coverage to an additional 700,000 children.  Fort Worth representative Kay Granger voted twice against the bill and once to sustain President Bush’s veto.  SCHIP stands for State Children’s Health Insurance Program.